Calling all Artisans, Makers and Local Retailers

Night Market is doing a Covid Pivot and moving from a one-day event to a 5 week pop-up market.


Accepting registrations for Pop-up Shoppes at SKY Armory 11.18 - 12.23

A Covid Pivot for Fall Night Market 2020

In lieu of a one day event, we want to create a 5 week pop-up market

for artisans, makers and locally owned retailers.



The pop-up market will be open daily from 11a - 8p.

Pop-up vendors will be able to set up their 'shops' starting 11.16.


Doors will officially open on November 18th to capture the 

pre-Thanksgiving shopping needs and the start of holiday shopping.


Our first floor ballroom will be a cafe and wine & spirits tasting room while the

upper 2 floors  of SKY Armory will be the 'pop-up shops' with a central register

and gift packaging location on each floor.


Each vendor will mark their merchandise with a price sticker (including sales tax) and your assigned vendor number. The registers will have a button for each vendor for the merchandise to be rung under. Each week we'll track the sales by vendor and payout your sales by check.


We will ask vendors to sign up for sales shifts to cover the floor, assist customers

and maintain your pop-up shop. When there is a shortage of floor coverage, we will have a sales person who can be scheduled. The cost of the sales associate's pay will be divided among the

vendors and deducted from the vendor's weekly sales check.


Marketing of the Pop-up Shops at SKY Armory will be a collaborative effort. We will push out

social content and email marketing but also ask the pop-up vendors to keep their followers

and customers informed that your products  can be found at the market.


We'll create themed shopping experiences to attract different shopper segments. 

Pop-up Shop Fees

Because each vendor has unique needs with displaying your merchandise we won't have

defined 'booths' but create 'shop' areas to create more of a retail store look. For example an artist

who has artwork will need wall space, but not a lot of floor space to display their work. A soap maker

may  only need a shelving unit and perhaps a table to display their goods. Shop locations and assignments

will be based on display needs of the product. You can opt for a flat shop rate or a consignment rate.

Small Shop (4x8) $50 per week | $250 for 5 weeks

Medium Shop (6x10) $75 per week | $375 for 5 weeks

Large Shop(6x20) $100 per week | $500 for 5 weeks

Vendors will be expected to provide gift boxes | packaging for their merchandise.

We will provide shopping bags for purchases to be placed in at the check-out counter.


Note: any vendors who purchased booths for Night Market your payments will be applied to your Pop-up Shop fee.